• luxury blowout $100
  • blowout $70
  • full balayage $220
  • full balayage + one step color color $250
  • full foil $200
  • full foil + one-step color color $230
  • partial balayage $195
  • partial balayage + one step color $225
  • partial foil $175
  • partial foil + one-step color $205
  • one-step color (retouch) $105
  • one-step color (full) $145
  • spot balayage $175
  • spot balayage + one step color $205
  • spot foil $155
  • spot foil + one step color $185


Colorist + Daymaker

When Naomi was young, she always loved playing around with makeup and figuring out new ways she could style her hair. Having curly hair and not really knowing how to tame it was a challenge she was determined to overcome. In 9th grade, Naomi’s mom actually suggested that she look into becoming a cosmetologist because she knew that was something Naomi would be interested in. She toured Aveda in 10th grade and decided she would attend as soon as high school was finished. Naomi graduated from the Aveda Institute Minneapolis in 2017 and has been living her passion at her dream job ever since. She loves her grey coverage and highlight guests, but is also a sucker for a good transformation – particularly achieving platinum blonde and bright, bold colors.

Although Naomi is typically introverted, she loves a good conversation with her guests and making sure they know they have a safe place in her chair. If you want to sit quietly and read a book or if you want to tell her about your crazy day at work, Naomi is up for anything. You set the tone for your appointment. She can’t wait to see you in her chair!

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