luxury blowout $40
blowout $35
bleach + tone (full) $120
bleach + tone (retouch) $60
full balayage $90
full balayage + one step color $110
full highlight $80
full highlight + one step color $100
one step color (retouch) $55
one step color (full) $70
partial balayage $75
partial balayage + one step color $90
partial highlight $70
partial highlight + one step color $80
spot balayage $65
spot balayage + one step color $80
spot highlight $50
spot highlight + one step color $70


Colorist + Daymaker

Taking someone’s vision and bringing it to life is Sophia’s passion. During that process, she makes sure her guests feel valued and beautiful. One of her favorite things to do is create customized dimensional color. Anything blonde, brunette, and red! Sophia also loves taking on a fun and dramatic transformation.

In her free time, Sophia enjoys spending time with her friends and family, planning future travels, and exploring Minnesota.