Elemy Castro


Senior Senior, Colorist + Daymaker at Palo Alto


    • bleach + tone (full) $205
    • blowout $80
    • break the base $120
    • full balayage $255
    • full balayage + one step color $375
    • full foil $225
    • full foil + one step color $345
    • luxury blowout $115
    • one step color (retouch) $120
    • one step color (full) $160
    • partial balayage $235
    • partial balayage + one step color $355
    • partial foil $195
    • partial foil + one step color $315


    Senior, Colorist + Daymaker at Palo Alto

    Elemy finds inspiration in creating color that is personalized for each person to enhance the beauty of their features while maintaining the integrity of the hair throughout each process. She is constantly evolving as an artist, learning about new techniques, products and keeping clients hair current and stylish. Her goal is to have her clients feel more beautiful and confident each time they leave the salon.

    Elemy loves music and books, concerts and bookstores. When she’s not being inspired by words or rhythm, she loves to spend time with her family. The way she spends her personal time truly effects her work — the effect her craft has on other people, the ability to enhance someone’s self esteem and make them feel good — is what excited Elemy most both personally and professionally. She look forward to meeting you!