balancing manicure $50
balancing pedicure $80
balancing manicure with gel polish $70
balancing pedicure with gel polish $100
mini manicure $35
mini manicure with gel polish $55
mini pedicure $50
mini pedicure with gel polish $70


Nail Technician + Daymaker

As a nail artist, Chelley is most passionate about encouraging her clients to love themselves the way they are – and if a little pampering of the feet and hands can assist in that area, Chelley is your girl! She is constantly inspired by the bountiful imagery of fellow nail artists work and gains inspiration from Instagram videos that share new techniques and nail design. She loves learning, and especially loves pedicures! Have a callus? No problem. Need a good foot scrub? Chelley’s got you. Toenail restoration?! Yes. You better believe it – Chelley wants to see you for that too! It’s not only her goal to provide a wonderful service that makes you admire your hands and feet, but she ultimately wants you to leave her chair loving the skin you’re in!