haircut $55
luxury blowout $55
blowout $35
bleach + tone (full) $200
bleach + tone (retouch) $100
full balayage $135
full balayage + one step color $165
full foil $110
full foil + one step color $140
one step color (retouch) $65
one step color (full) $95
partial balayage $110
partial balayage + one step color $140
partial foil $90
partial foil + one step color $125


Stylist, Colorist + Daymaker

Danielle first learned of JUUT when our owner and founder, David Wagner, came to speak at the Aveda Institute. She was instantly inspired and set her goals to become a Daymaker. Danielle’s first priority in is making guests feel confident in their own skin. She is passionate about learning and seeking out new techniques and trends to always have the most to offer whomever sits in her chair. Danielle enjoys being creative, is passionate about fashion, and loves a Sunday for practicing self-care. She’d love to meet you!

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