luxury blowout $40
blowout $30
full balayage $90
full balayage + one step color $120
full foil $85
full foil + one step color $120
one step color (retouch) $55
one step color (full) $75
partial balayage $80
partial balayage + one step color $115
partial foil $75
partial foil + one step color $110
spot balayage $65
spot balayage + one step color $90
spot foil $60
spot foil + one step color $85


Colorist + Daymaker
Sharing inner beauty through artistry drew Emma into the craft of hairdressing. She is passionate about giving herself to others in a selfless and compassionate way ultimately resulting in a joyous relationship between artist and guest. Emma’s artistic style enhances her guest’s natural beauty and makes it easy to re-create salon hairstyles at home. Integrity is of utmost importance to Emma; she aims to give each client her best at every service and be helpful in everything she says and does.