Victoria Zilka

Victoria Zilka

New Artist New Artist, Colorist + Daymaker at Roseville


    luxury blowout $40
    blowout $35
    bleach + tone (full) $120
    bleach + tone (retouch) $60
    full balayage $90
    full balayage + one step color $110
    full highlight $80
    full highlight + one step color $100
    one step color (retouch) $55
    one step color (full) $70
    partial balayage $75
    partial balayage + one step color $90
    partial highlight $70
    partial highlight + one step color $80
    spot balayage $65
    spot balayage + one step color $80
    spot highlight $50
    spot highlight + one step color $70

    Victoria Zilka

    New Artist, Colorist + Daymaker at Roseville

    With a thirst for knowledge, Victoria knew JUUT is where she wanted to be for lifelong learning and her love for Aveda.

    She LOVES blonding such as balayage, foils, and dimensional color and has a few years of experience thus far. Victoria’s clients would say that she is very attentive to detail. To her, there’s nothing better than the smile her clients give when they see the dramatic change they wanted and the sudden spark of confidence in their eyes.

    Personally, Victoria is passionate about overall health and nutrition. On her time off, you’ll find her with coffee in hand, walking around with her three (3!!) Corgis. Victoria spends Sundays with family,  usually going out for brunch.