1. Consistency!

Keep your feed looking consistent, it will look more put together and also reflect that point in your life. Feeds change over time, but keeping them consistent makes them more aesthetically pleasing and easy to look at.

2. Editing

In my opinion, VSCO cam and afterlight are the best editing/filtering apps out there. They’re great for adding that one little aspect that your photos may be missing. It’s important when editing to pay attention to detail, don’t over edit the entire photo (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Editing can be so much fun to play with, once you start playing around you’ll find what you like and then you can run free with that style as long as you want.

3. Angles

Chairs and small step stools are fantastic for getting those hard to get shots. This could mean food or a styled collection of your new Burks, some lipstick and your bag for the day.

4. Lighting

Light is your friend! Learn how to use it to your advantage; selfies will always look 100% better when well lit! Depending on what kind of vibe you want your photo to give off, you can play around with exposure and shadows and highlights.

5. Have fun

Yes, as cliché as it is, no one will love your Instagram if you don’t. Think of it as an art project, you can play around and change it up and draw inspiration from others. Have fun with how you use the app, whether that means punny captions, bright colors, or retro vibes. Style your account to represent you, it will be unique and set you apart!

Good Luck! And remember to follow @juutsalonspa on instagram for everyday inspiration!