• luxury blowout $110
  • blowout $85
  • full balayage $235
  • full foil $215
  • partial balayage $210
  • partial foil $190
  • bleach & tone (full) $330
  • bleach & tone (retouch) $165
  • one-step color (full) $150
  • one-step color (retouch) $110
  • nano sleek treatment priced upon consultation




Colorist + Hair Director + Daymaker

Jessica has been with Juut since 2006. She is St.Paul’s color director and is dedicated to keeping her team inspired and motivated. Her background includes attending the Aveda Institute, Juut’s specialized training program, multiple classes with international color specialists Lupe Voss, Jo McKay and David Adams. She has taken classes from Instagram dominating artists such as Sarah May and the team at 901 Salon in Los Angles perfecting a wide range of trending techniques.

Natural beauty is what inspires Jessica, Enhancing the organic you is her expertise. Natural can be soft it can be a bold blonde or a vibrant red on the right person. That “lived-in look” is where her training shines. “Effortless looking beauty and style actually takes a lot of intention and the results are worth it!”

Making you look polished and feeling confident while transitioning to gray is a talent of hers. There are different paths for everyone in achieving this so a consultation important to set up expectations and goals. As a master in Easi-hair extensions she loves adding a few perfectly placed pieces to add fullness or create a new shape to your style or creating a new look with the length you’ve always wanted!

Jessica stays inspired by travel, fashion and all the education she can find!