• haircut $125
  • blowout $85
  • luxury blowout $125


Stylist + Daymaker

Jimmy developed an interest in cutting hair when he was young and would go with his mother to get her hair done. It always looked like such a fun skill to perform in such a fun environment. This profession supports his passion of helping others feel beautiful in their skin and out in this world. He finds beauty in the day wherever his attention is directed. Jimmy loves lines, colors, textures, and the composition of qualities and characteristics in all things.

He enjoys finding out what is important to people and what makes them smile day in and out. When not at work, he’s usually at home or with friends, enjoying some alone time, or a nice meal and drinks with his people. Jimmy was born and raised as a local native to the Bay Area (more specifically the south bay and along the peninsula). He also finds joy in riding motorcycles and the travel opportunities that come along with venturing out on the road.