Simplified Beauty—Coco Wagner’s Top Products For A Busy Life.

January 21, 2016

Growing up with Juut and surrounded by Aveda products has been an absolute blessing. From early on I was learning to give myself facials, frequented photo shoots and have tried and tested as many products as possible.

This fall I started college and realized I would need to minimize; I needed to simplify my beauty regime and essentially (dare I say) only bring my absolute favorite products. In addition, due to the fact that I attend college in New York I’ve been traveling a bit more than usual.

So here it is, the absolutely necessary products that I use in transit and in school, simplified beauty.

Aveda’s mineral tinted moisturizer
This is my absolute must bring when traveling product! Doubling as a light and dewy foundation, as well as a moisturizer. The tinted moisturizer is perfect for travel and fighting dry skin without sacrificing a smooth completion.

Aveda’s energizing eye cream
I use this product everyday, it does a fantastic job of diminishing any dark circles or puffiness.

Aveda’s stress-relief
First off, who wouldn’t want to be relieved from stress? This hand cream is as magical as it sounds, the moisturizing cream mixed with the perfect amount of relaxing lavender makes the yummiest smelling hand cream, and perfect for sharing!

Aveda’s blue oil
Refreshing peppermint oil wakes you up and clears your mind, perfect when coffee just doesn’t work or you’re needing some help focusing, plus is smells great!

Aveda’s berry ukuru color gloss
The perfect on the go lipstick, and adds the color I need in order to feel put together. Any of the ukuru lip stains in fact do an incredible job of this. It’s not a traditional lipstick, it goes on much creamier and in turn moisturizes your lips without sacrificing gorgeous color!

Aveda’s nourish-mint renewing lip treatment
The ultimate lip balm, works like magic and I love that it comes in a lipstick tube, giving you a sleek lip balm without sacrificing beautiful packaging..

Zoya Red Nail Polish in “Carmen”
This classic red polish, goes with everything and stays on longer than most other brands!

This is the absolute best way to have amazing skin with minimal effort. The clarisonic facial brush works wonders and keeps my skin oh so happy. They come in several sizes with multiple brush heads to fit any and all lifestyles and skin types.