Surprise! Aveda Products Pull Double Duty

August 22, 2018

Everything in moderation, right? Well—almost. When it comes to Aveda, we can’t get enough. We’ve discovered some interesting (and genius) life hacks for using Aveda favorites in ways that aren’t advertised on the eco-friendly packaging. Even more opportunities to enjoy botanically-based, natural products that #smelllikeAveda? Sign us up! Check out the ways our team re-purposes these products to pull double (and sometimes triple) duty.

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Original Purpose: weightlessly cleanse normal to oily hair
Double Duty: freshen sheets

Made with rosemary and peppermint, Rosemary Mint Shampoo has an aroma that energizes body and mind and leaves hair clean, shiny and refreshed. Why limit fabulous aromatherapy to just hair, we say?

I love washing my sheets in Rosemary Mint shampoo—nothing like being surrounded by that invigorating aroma when you crawl into bed.”

–Michelle Reitan, Color Specialist, Downtown Minneapolis



Original Purpose: gently moisturize normal to oily hair
Double Duty: shave cream

Packed with nutrients, this invigorating conditioner softens while helping prevent tangles and static. The rich, nourishing cream glides on skin easily, and the bright and fresh aroma is perfect for a morning or post-workout shave.

“Rosemary Mint Conditioner gives me that close, smooth shave I love while leaving skin soft and moisturized. Plus, the certified-organic rosemary and peppermint leaves me feeling re-energized.”

–Tammy Martz, Master Color Technician, Wayzata



Original Purpose: neutralize brassy & yellow tones in cool blonde or grey hair
Double Duty: freshen towels  

Naturally-derived Blue Malva Shampoo is an Aveda tried-and-true classic that delivers a gentle, cleansing feel while infusing brightness into cool blonde and silver hair. Its intoxicating fragrance, made from malva flower, coneflower and other botanicals, is fantastic in the shower—and, turns out, when getting out too.

“I wash my towels in Blue Malva Shampoo. Inhaling the fresh, lemon and floral scent relaxes and refreshes my senses. Remember: When using shampoo in the washing machine, less is more—especially if you have a high-efficiency model!”


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Original Purpose: provide a pliable, loose, lasting hold
Double Duty: makeup setter, static cling remover

There’s so much to love about Air Control. Its dependable, touchable hold. Its color-protecting properties. Its humidity defense. Its net-zero impact on the earth’s climate. Its clean herbal scent. Air Control is, in fact, so light and gentle it doesn’t cause breakouts or stains when spritzed on the face OR clothes.

“Great for setting makeup in a pinch—its light, flexible hold sets your makeup without the sticky feel. Plus, the lavender aroma gives your senses (and everyone around you) a fresh treat to breathe in.”


“Air Control’s airy formula removes static electricity and cling from your clothes. Just spritz, smooth and go.”

Craig Whipple, Master Stylist, Master Educator & Hair Director, Wayzata



Original Purpose: remove buildup while nurturing and balancing scalp
Double Duty: dog wash

Scalp Benefits Shampoo cleanses and nourishes both hair and scalp, delicately removing buildup for healthy-looking (and feeling) hair. It’s gentle enough for your fur-babies, moisturizing while deep cleaning their skin and conditioning their coat, while leaving them the best-smelling campers at doggy day care.

The rosemary and cinnamon formula leaves man’s best friend with a soft and hydrated coat (and refreshing smell). Plus, it’s naturally-derived so your dog lives his or her best life with you.”




Original Purpose: replenish moisture while soothing scalp
Double Duty: shave cream 

This fortifying conditioner weightlessly conditions hair while soothing the scalp. Created with a blend of burdock root, sage, echinacea, cinnamon, rosemary and vetiver, it moisturizes while delivering a fresh, earthy scent.

“Built to nourish your scalp, Scalp Benefits Conditioner is gentle on sensitive skin and a great consistency to give a clean, close shave while hydrating my skin. The rosemary and cinnamon both calms and refreshes.”


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Original Purpose: add long-lasting fragrance to all hair types
Double Duty: home & pet freshener

These delicious aromas keep hair smelling tantalizing with a quick-drying, long-lasting spritz, infusing locks with softness and shine. Made with pure flower and plant essences, the three fragrances are safe for your furry friends, too.

“Mihana, Alanara and Marassona Pure-Fume Hair Mists are great air fresheners. Spray your pet’s fur, kennel or litter box for a fresh, just-cleaned, zesty smell.”




Original Purpose: hydrate & provide soothing, oil-free relief for dry, irritated skin
Double Duty: burn relief

Made with rosewater and sodium hyaluronate, this deep masque moisturizes, nourishes ­and cools skin—which prompts our team to reach for it if they get a little too close to the flat iron.

“Intense Hydrating Masque acts as instant burn relief. Apply to minor hair styling burns to assuage sting.”


Have a surprise use for your Aveda favorites? Tell us in the comments. And whether you love Aveda products for their intended use (We do!) or for their surprise uses (Again, we do!) we have you covered. Stop by one of our Juut locations to shop.

While our stylists get great second uses out of these Aveda products in their own homes, please keep in mind that utilizing any product outside of its intended usage comes with risks. Please proceed with caution.