Your guide to being a fabulous summer wedding guest

July 16, 2018

Ah, sweet summertime. The weather is warm, the beauty trends are fresh and if you’re anything like us, your fridge is covered in invites to what feels like dozens of summer weddings. If you’re looking for inspo on how to style your hair and makeup so you can look and feel like the most fabulous wedding guest out there, we’ve got your back here at Juut Salon Spa. Read on for tips from our beauty guru and Master Stylist, Paige Palma—and then stop by to shop some must-haves with us.


You’ve probably noticed that simplicity is in. Gone are the days of elaborate updos and structured curls—this season, the undone, effortless yet polished look is the style. This is great news for those of us who don’t love spending three or more hours getting ready for our events (plus, this frees up more time for pre-wedding festivities). For beautiful beachy waves, Paige recommends using Aveda’s Texture Tonic Spray—just spray it into damp hair right before blow-drying, and once hair is dry, use a curling iron to add a few large, loose waves. Then, finish it off by adding a few more sprays of Texture Tonic and you are set with gorgeous, beachy locks.

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Simplicity is also trending in makeup—this summer is all about keeping things light and fresh and picking one area of your face to accent. For day weddings, keep your makeup simple with tinted moisturizer, mascara, bronzer and highlighter, then top it all off with a bold and bright pop of summery color from Aveda’s Feed My Lips line. For evening weddings, layer on eyeliner and a dab of smoky shadow to play up your eyes, and a hint of color on your cheeks. Keep the lip color nude or natural…and prepare to shine in all your selfies.

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One thing about a summer wedding is it can be hot, hot, hot—especially if it’s an outdoor affair. If you know the venue is going to be warmer, opt for a simple updo and be sure to use a humidity-resistant finishing spray like Aveda Air Control Hair Spray. Trust us, you’ll be much more likely to bust a move on the dance floor if your hair is off your neck and not weighing you down.

You can also cool off by keeping some Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate in your handbag. When you’re feeling warm, dab this magical stuff on your wrists to get an instant cooling sensation thanks to organic peppermint oil. Pro tip: share this oil with your date, too—you’ll both be happier (and chill).

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If the wedding is outside during the day, don’t forget sun care! The last thing you want is to show up to the reception burnt to a crisp and red as a tomato for all the photos. Aveda’s Daily Light Guard has an SPF of 30 and provides plant-powered protection from the sun. And don’t worry—because it’s light and sheer, it won’t mess up your fabulous makeup.


Weddings might be all about the bride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on some of the glam and self-care as a guest. We recommend coming in for a service before any big event so you can look and feel confident and relaxed. Whether you want one of our professional artists to give you a great blowout, a facial that leaves your skin glowy and gorgeous, a pedicure so you can rock those open-toe shoes or a wax so you can show off your perfectly manicured brows, at Juut Salon Spa we’ve got everything you need to feel beautiful at all your summer weddings.

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No matter how many summer weddings you are saying “I do” to, you’ll look and feel your best with these beauty tips! And as always, feel free to stop by any Juut Salon to chat with our expert artists and stock up on your summertime wedding essentials.