luxury blowout $40
blowout $35
full balayage $90
full balayage + one step color $120
full foil $85
full foil + one step color $120
one step color (retouch) $55
one step color (full) $75
partial balayage $80
partial balayage + one step color $115
partial foil $75
partial foil + one step color $110
spot balayage $65
spot balayage + one step color $90
spot foil $60
spot foil + one step color $85


Colorist + Daymaker

The creativity and constant experience to make someone’s day immediately attracted Amy to the art of hairdressing. She has felt great support from family and friends her whole life and strives to pass that on and be a Daymaker to every client that sits in her chair. She has a strong understanding of both cut and color and evaluates both to ensure you leave the salon with the most flattering look possible. Providing a service that brings happiness and confidence to her guests is her main priority!