Daymaker + Makeup Artist
Cat mom, Enthusiastically kind, Lover of all things creative
Get to know Hali Rhiann
Hali Rhiann is passionate about bringing inner beauty to the surface, making her guests feel comfortable in her chair and confident leaving it! Her goal is to enhance your natural beaty whether that be a subtle and softer look or a bold and dramatic result. Hali Rhiann has a particular knack for helping people still feel like themselves with a full face of makeup on, just elevated! Her goal as a makeup artist isn’t to hide your natural beauty, but to enhance it. She specializes in anything from natural applications to all of the drama, and would love to have you in her chair.
After graduating high school, Hali Rhiann completed cosmetology school as well as a specialty makeup school, obtaining her cosmetology license. She has worked as a makeup artist for over 6 years, specializing in film, runway, print, weddings and more! Her artistry has been published in magazines, films shown in theaters and on live television networks.
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