• full balayage $190
  • full balayage & one step color $220
  • full foil $165
  • full foil & one step color $195
  • partial balayage $160
  • partial balayage & one step color $190
  • partial foil $140
  • partial foil & one step color $70
  • one step color (retouch) $90
  • one step color (full) $125



Colorist + Daymaker

From a young age, Nikki loved do all of her friends’ hair and makeup. She was the go-to stylist and knew she wanted to make a career out of it. Nikki loves the atmosphere and mission at JUUT and knew right away that she wanted to join the team.

When sitting in her chair, Nikki’s goal is to make her guests feel kindness and witness her listening to their hair goals and frustrations. She strives to leave everyone with a wonderful experience. Hair is a big part of anyone’s appearance and she loves making people feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Nikki is also very passionate about curly hair, since she has curls herself! She understands the struggles and beauty of curly hair and loves to help people feel confident in their natural curls.

“If you look good you feel good” and Nikki 1000% agrees with it. Watching someone’s entire attitude change after they get their hair done is one of her favorite things to see.

When Nikki is not at work, you might find her at home relaxing, out somewhere getting food, at the gym, or enjoying nature.