• luxury blowout $55
  • blowout $45
  • full balayage $150
  • full balayage + one step color color $180
  • full foil $130
  • full foil + one-step color color $160
  • partial balayage $125
  • partial balayage + one step color $155
  • partial foil $105
  • partial foil + one-step color $135
  • one-step color (retouch) $70
  • one-step color (full) $100
  • spot balayage $105
  • spot balayage + one step color $135
  • spot foil $85
  • spot foil + one step color $115


Colorist + Daymaker

Hair has always been a form of expression in my life. From chopping Barbie’s hair to dying my little sister’s hair with koolaid, hair has managed to weave its way in and out of my story in one way or another. I decided to go to the Aveda Arts Institute after I went to college for a year. My mom could tell college wasn’t for me and signed me up for a tour. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a cosmetologist! Outside of work I love spending time with my friends and family, shopping, working out, walking my dogs, watching movies or listening to music, and watching videos of puppies on TikTok.

I’m so excited and grateful for this amazing opportunity to be working at JUUT and can’t wait to meet who sits in my chair next!