We Believe In Succeeding At Your Dreams & Enjoying The Journey

Our Training Program

First Thing’s First: Interview
DM us on Instagram or send an email to careers@juut.com to schedule your interview. You will start with a ‘get to know you’ meeting followed by a technical evaluation.

Dive Right In
MONTHS 1 – 3
0 – 2 Weeks: Dive right in with immersive training to learn the JUUT way from our best artists while earning $13.50 per hour!

3 – 13 Weeks: Two days of training plus three days working on clients make up these five day work weeks in your home salon with support from your mentor. Earn $13.50 per hour + tips and retail commission when working on clients through week 26!

MONTHS 3 – 6
13 – 26 Weeks: One day of training plus four days working on clients make up these five day work weeks in your home salon with continued support from your mentor.

MONTHS 7 – 12
27 – 52 Weeks: You will continue to have one day of training per month and weekly coaching by a mentor during these weeks with an end goal to be promoted to Studio level. 45% service commission, retail commission + tips begins when this goal is achieved!


On average, our artists work four days or 32 hours per week. In just five years our average Artist earns $80k or $48 per hour. This increases at year 6 to $100k or $60 per hour! Our leaders care about each person achieving their dreams whether that be purchasing a home, traveling the world, or even maintaining a flexible work schedule that still provides for the lifestyle you hoped for.

JUUT offers the New Artist education program to kick start your career with continued training opportunities focused on professional and personal growth. We place emphasis on trends, texture, and technical skills to ensure up-to-date, well-rounded expertise.

TRANSFORMING THE WORLD WITH BEAUTY: We formed a diversity, equity, and inclusion task force group that focuses on making sure all walks of life are truly represented at JUUT. You will be supported by our leadership team every step of the way and have the opportunity to be mentored for support and skill.