Giving To The Max

November 28, 2016

“When you’ve been blessed—with talent, opportunity, or health—it’s important to give back to those who are afflicted by things, and especially by things that aren’t under their control. – David Wagner, Founder of Juut

There’s no wrong time to focus on giving. In fact, our focus on Daymaking and our mission to positively impact the people around us and the world at large inspires us to do so every day. But as we head into the holiday season and reflect on all we’re grateful for, it feels like the perfect time to spotlight both some of the causes in our lives that allow us to give back to the community—and the concept of charitable giving and why it’s a crucial aspect of the Juut culture.

The holidays aren’t the only reason we have giving on the brain. On November 17th, we partnered with the Angel Foundation for Give to the Max Day. For one “power hour”, we matched our funds and donated the resulting $4,245 in the foundation’s name—part of an incredible $43,000 total that far exceeded the day’s $30,000 goal.


The Angel Foundation | Source: Angel Foundation Facebook

The Angel Foundation, which provides emergency financial assistance and support for adults with cancer and their families, is a longtime partner of ours. (You may have even attended one of their Angels & Divas fashion shows that we’ve had the privilege of providing hair and makeup for.) One reason it’s so very close to our hearts? David was first introduced by a family friend—while he was newly in remission.

While we as a company tend to focus our efforts on organizations that help prevent disease, David is all too aware of the daily struggles that come with the cancer fight—even those not directly related to the disease.

“Sometimes, in order for them to get well, you need to reduce the stress on these individuals that the Angel Foundation supports,” says David. “It’s not necessarily trying to find a cure for cancer, but it treats the unbearable pain of not knowing how you’ll put food on your table.”

This holiday season, we urge you to consider making a charitable donation in lieu of giving a traditional gift. Gift giving, at its core, is not so much about the gift itself, but about letting the recipient know how much you value and cherish them. What better way to do so than be sending a positive ripple into the world in their name?

We firmly believe that the key to both making this kind of gift feel thoughtful and to make charitable giving a cherished part of your life is to find an organization that truly speaks to you. Making the choice personal makes it inherently more meaningful for everyone involved.

“It’s really finding what pulls on your heartstrings and supporting related organizations,” affirms David. For instance, at Juut, our commitment to the environment and wellness had led us to support organizations like the Mill City Farmer’s Market and the Youth Farm. Our love of art is enhanced by our involvement with the Weisman Art Museum. Our adoration of our pets is reflected by our support for the Humane Society. And each of our salon locations is empowered to make their own decisions about which causes they’ll devote their time and resources to—and has a yearly stipend to do so.


Creative Commons | Source:

Giving back and radiating positive energy is crucial now more than ever. Facing a deeply divided country, we believe in the necessity of manifesting positive change and pouring our energy into what we’re for—rather than denouncing what we’re against.

And at the end of the day, it’s doesn’t even have to be about money. The power to change the world is within all of us. We strive to exemplify that ideal every day by making people’s days in the salon. “That’s our daily philanthropy—it’s not just a power hour of giving to the max,” says David. “We’re giving to the max every day we’re breathing.”

You can change the world by being a Daymaker, too—and by finding the people, causes, and ideas that make you come alive, and pursuing them wholeheartedly. We hope you carry that belief in your heart throughout the holiday season and beyond.