Your Waxing Questions: Answered!

May 14, 2021

Summer is nearly upon us, and with Summer comes waxing season (for those that choose not to go au natural). For waxing newbies, the process can seem daunting and dare we say, scary? We got together with Juut Roseville Master Esthetician, Renee Amaya, to talk about what you should know before your first wax. From Brazilians to brows, Renee answers your most frequently asked questions!


How long does hair need to be?

You may have heard that hair needs to be half of an inch long to wax, what what exactly does that mean? If you cannot grab the hair in your fingertips, then it’s not long enough to wax. The appropriate length of hair to be able to wax is about the length of a grain of rice.


How long does a wax last?

This varies from person to person dependent upon how fast your hair grows. Everyone is different! With that said, most often, people are ready for a wax every four to six weeks.


I have a wedding and a honeymoon coming up! How do I plan for my wax?

It’s ideal to start waxing a few months before the big event. You want your final wax to be as close to your departure date as possible. We recommend scheduling your last appointment first, and then reverse engineering the rest.


I’ve heard if I keep waxing, the hair will eventually stop growing. Is that true?

We cannot guarantee any actual change in how your hair grows. What you may notice is that your hair may feel finer and appear more sparse. This is because when hair is waxed, it is being removed by the root so a brand new hair is growing back. When you shave, you are cutting the hair off at the skin and leaving the root.


Will my hair grow back thicker and darker?

No matter where you are being waxed, the process cannot change the physiological structure of how your hair grows. So, no. Waxing will not make your hair grow back thicker or darker.


I’m trying to grow out my brows. Can I still get a wax to keep some sort of shape?

YES! We will map out your brow goals and remove only the hairs outside of that. This will ensure you have a nice frame and full brows without feeling untidy during the grow out process. We can also show you how to fill in your brows for the perfect look. Tinting is another great option to add fullness while you’re waiting for your brows to grow.


I use retinol on my face but don’t use it near my brows. Can I still get a brow wax?

Retinol travels through your skin, so even if you are not using it directly on your brows, it can still make that area sensitive to waxing. If you’d like to get your brows waxed and use retinol, stop using retinol a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment. Always make sure to share any skin medications you may be using with your esthetician.


I want to get a spray tan. Can I still get a wax?

We recommend waiting 48 hours after waxing to get a spray tan to avoid irritation or uneven coloring. If you prefer to get your tan first, we recommend waiting 4 days before getting a wax so that you don’t wax your new tan right off. The longer you wait after your spray tan to get waxed, the better. It is also worth noting that going into the real sun directly after waxing is not advised as you will be more prone to burning. Stay protected from direct sun for 24 – 48 hours following a wax.


I am not sure if I should book a bikini wax or a Brazilian. What is the difference?

Always book a Brazilian to ensure that your esthetician has enough time to give you the service you desire. While a true Brazilian wax removes all of the hair, we can customize this service to remove as much hair, or as little, as desired. If you are only looking to have the hair removed on your bikini line, that would be considered a bikini wax.


How do I care for my skin after waxing?

After waxing, your hair follicles are open so it is important to be gentle with your skin. Using Fur Oil after bikini, underarm, and face waxing is our favorite. Fur Oil calms and soothes skin and helps to keep hair soft to allow for clear, healthy skin around the waxed area. For legs and arms, use a gentle exfoliation 48 hours post waxing and a couple times a week. This will keep your skin smooth! The Aveda Beautifying Radiance Polish is our favorite for exfoliation.


Renee Amaya is a Master Esthetician and Esthetic Director for Juut. Her creative spirit is fueled by helping her clients enhance their natural beauty with effective skincare and attention to detail in her waxing services. Renee is available for services at Juut Salonspa in Roseville.