luxury blowout $40
blowout $35
full balayage $90
full balayage + one step color $120
full foil $85
full foil + one step color $120
one step color (retouch) $55
one step color (full) $75
partial balayage $80
partial balayage + one step color $115
partial foil $75
partial foil + one step color $110
spot balayage $65
spot balayage + one step color $90
spot foil $60
spot foil + one step color $85


Colorist + Daymaker

Providing a thorough consultation is Chloe’s first step to ensuring outstanding service. She strives to make sure each guest feels heard and is comfortable, knowing they are going to receive a high quality service while in her care. She previously worked as a Guest Service Specialist for JUUT and is thrilled to be able to take the next step in Daymaking as an artist. She loves to give polished blowouts and create beautiful balayage, along with enjoying the satisfaction of fully transforming her clients hair to a better, healthier version than when they came into the salon.