• luxury blowout $65
  • blowout $50
  • full balayage $170
  • full balayage + one step color color $200
  • full foil $145
  • full foil + one-step color color $175
  • partial balayage $140
  • partial balayage + one step color $170
  • partial foil $120
  • partial foil + one-step color $150
  • one-step color (retouch) $80
  • one-step color (full) $110
  • spot balayage $125
  • spot balayage + one step color $150
  • spot foil $100
  • spot foil + one step color $130


Colorist + Daymaker

Jessica has always had a passion for making someone’s day, whether that be with a small little trinket that reminded her of them, or by making them feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. From an early age, Jessica has always wanted to go to cosmetology school but was urged to try “real college” first. She attended school in her hometown, La Crosse, WI for operatic performance, then switched to marketing before realizing that hairdressing is what she was truly meant to do.

For Jessica, there is something special with hair color – watching a canvas come to life and the subsequent reaction of the client when they see the finished product. A new hair color represents a new beginning and she absolutely loves being a part of that.

In Jessica’s free time, you can find her at home, either trying out new recipes or catching up on tv shows with her cats.