• full balayage $290
  • full balayage + one step color color $320
  • full foil $270
  • full foil + one-step color color $300
  • partial balayage $270
  • partial balayage + one step color $300
  • partial foil $250
  • partial foil + one-step color $280
  • one-step color (retouch) $155
  • one-step color (full) $195
  • spot balayage $240
  • spot balayage + one step color $270
  • spot foil $210
  • spot foil + one step color $250
  • full perm $280
  • bleach and tone (full) $370
  • bleach and tone (retouch) $230)
  • break the base $155
  • smoothing hair treatment priced by consultation


Colorist + Daymaker

Michaela loves creating natural yet sophisticated looks by adding brightness to blondes or richer tones for brunettes. She also loves adding dimension to natural or bold looks, whether it is through balayage to create a softer contrast or highlights for a piecier look. She’ll make sure to customize it for your personal style. She is very passionate about enhancing her guests’ hair by adding hair extensions. This will complete your look by adding fullness and volume or if you’ve always wanted longer hair, you can instantly achieve it. Michaela is here to enhance and create the hair that will make you feel your best!


  • Aveda Institute graduate
  • Graduate of Juut New Artist academy
  • Certified in Easi Hair Pro hair extensions
  • Certified in Platinium Seamless hair extensions
  • Attended Guy Tang advanced balayage seminar in Chicago
  • Certified in Keratin Smoothing Treatment