Brow Lamination FAQ

November 12, 2021

Brow Lamination has taken brow world by storm. The service is a game changer that we’re thrilled to offer, and like any new service, we know you have questions about how it works! We got together (virtually) with two of our Minnesota based Master Estheticians, Liza Jackson and Amanda Rue to answer frequently asked questions and learn more about why they love the service. Brow Laminations include a tint and are offered at Juut Wayzata, Edina, St. Paul and Roseville. 

Brow Lamination
Brows by Amanda Rue


What is Brow Lamination?   

Brow lamination is the latest brow trend. It’s a fun and safe service with a process similar to a perm and helps create symmetry and can correct hairs that follow an undesirable or unruly direction. It can also add volume, give a more fluffy/feathered look, and provide shine. A tint is always included with this service because the natural color of your brows can be slightly lightened during the lamination process. 

What are the benefits Brow Lamination?  

Brow lamination will make it easier to style brows in the morning while also staying in place throughout the day. Following Lamination, brows are easy to style, fuller and have a healthy shine. The results of lamination can last for the duration of the natural brow growth cycle which can be up to 90 days.

Brow Lamination
Brows by Liza Jackson


What product brand do you use?

Ellebana (the brand we use for lamination) is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, and formaldehyde free. 

No downtime? Are there any best practices to keep them in tact?  

The most important aftercare for newly Laminated brows is to not get them wet and stay away from any type of steam for 24 hours following the service. We also carry an aftercare product called Elleplex that we recommended for keeping up brow health. It is enriched with amino acids, hydrolyzed rice and keratin proteins, collagen and vitamins to help with shine and strengthen the hair structure (this aftercare product is not considered vegan). As a follow up service, we recommend following up with another brow tint about a month after the lamination. Using growth serums is not recommended after lamination it can cause the brow hairs to grow in unwanted directions and can make brows look messy because it alters the growth cycle of the brow. 

Brow Lamination
Brows by Amanda Rue


Why you’re passionate about the service?  

Liza: “I absolutely love the results! Brows are fuller, bolder, shiny and soft. I also love that there is no downtime and no needles!”

Amanda: “I love that I can correct stubborn and unruly brows in a way I never could before. Performing the actual service is rewarding and fun because I get to re manipulate the brows to grow in a completely different way.” 

Are you as in love with this service as we are yet? Book Now to see what the hype is all about and bring your brows to the next level! Our estheticians work with you to create customized experiences that tailor to your desired outcome, whether that be thickening your thin brows, taming unruly hairs or laminating for a seamless elevated look. We look forward to seeing you.