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It’s time to rethink your smoothie habit. You know that cold, blended fruit and veggie drink that you’ve been told is a healthful meal? Be honest: How do you really feel after you have one? On the surface, smoothies appear healthful. Fruit is filled with vitamins and fiber. Protein powders have a long list of nutrients. Nut butters are filled with good oils. Yogurt, coconut oil, cacao, maca — what else do you toss in your blender? Taken individually, the ingredients in a smoothie seem to have all that your body needs to function. But Ayurveda asks you to…
Let’s FACE it, we all want to wake up looking refreshed, rejuvenated and like we actually got the 8 hours of sleep we crave and need, when in reality we may only have had a night interrupted by life’s boisterousness:  worries that pop up at 2 am, crying babies, hormonal shifts, restless kids, sick dog, snoring partner … you get my drift.  Of course, we all must try to find ways to get better sleep, worry less, eat better, and drink more water BUT what if there was a small, quick way to enhance all of your existing efforts…
Moms—you really do make our world go ‘round. From the smallest of knee scrapes to the biggest of heartbreaks, you know exactly what to do and what to say. With Mother’s Day approaching, we know being selfish isn’t exactly your thing anymore—but if anything, a little self-care should be. We sat down with three of our incredible stylists; Woody, Leah and Kindiss to get a glimpse into their personal wellness routines—how to balance it all, what products they covet and words of advice from one mother to another. MAKING THE CASE FOR SELF-CARE “I always think about the advice…
When you think of healthy superfoods, you might picture elaborate smoothie bowls, a garden overflowing with greens and mystical, hard-to-pronounce ingredients (we’re looking at you, açai berries). And while all of these things are great, they’re not always practical or accessible to people in their daily lives. Here at Juut Salon Spa, we are constantly on the lookout for ways we can help our guests and community improve their health, well-being and beauty—because all of those things are connected! And we are so excited for our newest offerings that do just that. We sat down with Charlie Wagner, co-owner…
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