Co-Workers With Heart

February 8, 2017

Three years into her career at Juut, hair director and master colorist Lindsey Yozamp was working at the downtown location when she decided to pop downstairs into the mall on her break.

“It was the holiday season, and I stopped into Cole Haan with my purse full of holiday gratuity cash,” she explains. “I set my purse down to look at some shoes and when I turned around, it was gone, along with a couple weeks worth of gratuity money.”

Shaken, Yozamp returned to the salon to see her next client, where her co-workers quickly realized something was wrong when they saw her face.

“I told my story to a couple co-workers, and had a glass of water while I tried to pull it together to fully service my next guest,” she says.

Yozamp made it back to her chair and did her service as she regularly would. Meanwhile, those few moments she spent with her co-workers made a big impact. They wanted to make what happened to Yozamp right.

“By the time I had finished my client’s color application, my co-workers had raised more than half the stolen money, which was more than $500,” she says. “I hadn’t asked for it—I was in shock and had just blurted out what had happened. It shows what kind of culture we really have in our company.”

And it saved Yozamp’s holiday season. “It impacted me so much in that moment to know how much my co-workers loved and took care of me,” she says. “And it drove home everything I’d ever been taught—it really put that stamp of authenticity on Daymaking.”

Yozamp has now been with Juut for 13 years and says anytime a co-worker struggles, whether it’s with a medical or financial issue—the rest of the staff is there for them.

And it all circles back to Daymaking. “I came to Juut for its reputation for how well they do hair,” Yozamp says. “But after going through the program, my purpose has been changed. It’s more about the guest’s experience and how they are going to feel when they leave.”

She adds, “I’m still an artist, but it’s more about making the guest feel beautiful than just helping them look beautiful.”

While she ensures each client has a customized experience, Yozamp also follows rituals and guidelines so she can stay consistent with every guest—even moments after she had her purse stolen.

“I’m always the same when they come in,” she says. “I’m there to help them feel better, even if they are negative. I don’t mirror their energy—I take it and change it to positive.”

Yozamp adds, “You have to stay true to yourself and feel good in order to make others feel good. Know how to find balance and keep yourself inspired, and if you feel your life or career aren’t going in the right direction, set goals and figure out where you want to be.”