Daymaker Day

April 28, 2022


Daymaker + JUUT Salonspa Founder 

In 2002 David Wagner, founder of JUUT Salonspa was the President of The Salon Association with over 7500 salons in North America as members. After serving several years on the board and two years as President, the Association decided to present David with Daymaker Day on April 29th, his birthday. He had just published his best-selling book “Life as a Daymaker”. Famed stylist Frederic Fekkai announced to an audience of thousands that in recognition of David’s contributions to the industry the members would devote themselves to serving those in their communities in various ways on his birthday. Today 20 years later businesses and organizations around the world continue to celebrate Daymaker Day. “Of course every day is Daymaker Day at JUUT, yet having it on a particular day to focus our intentions each year has become a wonderful tradition” says David Wagner. 

To make someone else’s day is truly soul’s work that benefits everyone involved. A small act of kindness such as volunteering in your city can feed individual souls and in turn nourish humanity. We also refill our own bucket every time we perform acts like these.

Many people don’t know that “the best” in life includes serving others, so a sense of fulfillment eludes them. If you serve others for your livelihood, which many of us do, try serving wholeheartedly or with a “servant’s heart.”  This does not mean with servitude, but with a true care and compassion for the well-being of those you serve.  Give 100 percent of yourself to make their day.  It will elevate your work in doing so; I guarantee it, as long as it is thoughtful and genuine.

It does not take a lot of effort to be a Daymaker.  Just behave in a caring way and watch what happens.  Your life will begin to fill with perfect moments that serve the highest good of all.  Perfect moments are not rare for a Daymaker.  They happen all the time.

And with that, here are a few ideas to get started on making the days of those around you:

  • Be a Daymaker to a stranger. Pay a stranger a compliment today! 
  • Be your own Daymaker. Get a wonderful scalp massage and a new haircut. It’s a great sense of renewal.  
  • Make your partner’s day. Leave a note on the bathroom mirror to start their day! 
  • Be your own Daymaker. Buy flowers on your way home tonight. 
  • Be your child’s Daymaker. Turn off your cell phone when you get home. 
  • Be your child’s Daymaker. Don’t bring worries home from the office. Create a “worry hook” outside your door to hang them at night.  
  • Make someone else’s workday. Offer to pick up lunch for someone you know is swamped.