Embracing the Daymaking Spirit

February 8, 2017

In her 10 years at Juut’s Palo Alto location, Tara Morrow, master stylist, says she experiences Daymaking every day.

“Whether it’s from clients or co-workers, I go into Juut each day and am just overwhelmed by the Daymaking spirit,” she says.

“I’ve gone through a lot of growing pains in the past decade from my early 20s to my early 30s,” she adds. “I’ve experienced depression, anxiety, loss of loved ones and getting married. My boss, Rocio, never blinked an eye at being supportive—I was allowed the space and support to grow up from girl to woman.”

Morrow always knew she wanted to be more than “just a hairdresser,” and she says changing people’s lives has been the best part of working at Juut.

“I never believed I could find a place that matches my integrity and values,” she says.

And when special moments with clients arise, like visiting a guest’s home who was too sick to come to the salon, Morrow embraces them.

“I felt lucky to be a part of that moment with my guest’s family—it was moving,” she says. “Her daughter said they would never think to ask anyone to come into their home, but I was their friend, not just their stylist. Coming to Juut was the highlight of my guest’s day or week.”

In the beginning of her career, Morrow never dreamed she would be able to build close friendships with her guests, but she found those were the types of relationships encouraged by Juut.

“My guests want to bring me to their homes, invite me to their birthday parties and have me be a part of their lives,” she says. “That genuine connection is one of our biggest staples.”

Morrow says everyone who enters the salon experiences the Daymaking philosophy and connections with the people around them.

“People are positive here, and focusing on supporting each other and the environment around them,” she says.

And on bad days, work is the best medicine. “You walk in, and if your vibrations are off, instantly someone asks if you’re ok, if you need to talk or go to lunch,” she says.

The environment stays strong, because everyone is on board.

“I would advise a new employee to drink the Kool-Aid because it’s just going to make you a better person,” she says. “You work really hard in the beginning, but it’s worth it because on the other end, it’s so beautiful and enriching. I’m able to have a great schedule now because I worked so hard in the beginning.

“If you work hard for Juut, Juut will work hard for you,” she adds.

“They want to make sure I’m a happy person. They bring in educators for personal well-being in addition to technical education. I even ended up hiring a spiritual coach they brought in for myself. All the little things Juut introduces into my life add up.”