The Best Salon Holiday Gift Guide—Glam Gifts for Every Personality Type

November 21, 2017

With the holidays just around the corner, one thing is on everyone’s mind: gifting. (Okay, maybe also eggnog.) We all know someone who just nails gifting every year, somehow finding the presents that perfectly compliment the recipient’s personalities and interests. Well, this year that can be you. Ahead, find a carefully curated holiday gift guide by the best salons in Tempe, Scottsdale, Minneapolis and Palo Alto, to find a perfect gift for everyone on your list.


We all know one: she loves nature, fusses if you throw away plastic (recycle, please!), and prefers plant-based everything. Luckily, Aveda uses naturally-derived ingredients that are ethically sourced and gentle on the planet. What she’ll love:

  • Aveda Gift Sets—she’ll love that they are not only full of cruelty-free skin, body and hair care, but they also are wrapped in Certified Wildlife Friendly paper handmade in Nepal.

Source: @aveda on Instagram

  • Shampure Dry Shampoo—for the girl who wants to reduce her environmental footprint, dry shampoo is a must. It absorbs excess oil in the hair, so you can wash your hair less and therefore use less water.
  • A liter of her favorite shampoo and conditioner—one great way to use less plastic is to buy larger amounts of hair and bath products. She’ll love having a few months supply of her favorite product, and she’ll save plastic bottles (pro tip: she can reuse or upcycle her bottle when it’s finished!)


This friend is a bit of a work-a-holic. She puts in those long hours, often has to cancel dinner plans to finish deadlines, and probably has several different side hustles going on at once. What she’ll love:

  • Stress-Fix Soaking Salts—anything that encourages her to chill out and take a break is ideal. She will love soaking away the stress from her day with these sugar and mineral-rich bath salts infused with lavender and clary sage.
  • Full body massage—all of our massage treatments at Juut are designed to relief stress and leave you feeling nourished and nurtured, just what your chronically busy friend needs.


This friend is a trendsetter. She shows up to the party with her winged eyeliner looking flawless every single time, people are always asking her where she got her top, and her Instagram account is full of #goals. What she’ll love:

  • Birds of paradise makeup—Aveda’s fall/winter makeup collection pays homage to the textures, colors and movement of birds. She’ll love the bold, bright colors paired with softer blush pinks.

Source: @jgeason on Instagram

  • The Gift of Great Style Gift Set—this gift set from Aveda features their best sellers curated for maximum styling creativity, perfect for the glamorous gal.


You know this seamless entertainer—she is always opening her home to loved ones to have a good time, curating the perfect playlists, crafting delicious snacks and cocktails, and she doesn’t even get mad when someone accidentally spills red wine on her carpet. What she’ll love:

  • Candrima Candle—Aveda’s limited edition candrima aroma will fill her home with the aroma of organic ginger and ginger lily. Plus, its gorgeous glass container will look chic on her coffee table.

Source: @Aveda on Instagram

  • Beautifying Pure-Fume Mist—this body mist smells of rosemary, lavender and bergamot and will instantly make her feel calm and relaxed, perfect for post-party self care.

Source: @aveda on Instagram


She travels constantly for work and play, and we’re all a little jealous of her photos from all over the world. What she’ll love:

  • The Gift Of Renewal For Your Journey—this gift set from Aveda includes three travel-sized hand crèmes designed to deeply moisturize dry hands, leaving them soft and smooth, perfect for the girl on the go.

Source: @Aveda on Instagram

  • A Little Gift for Sunny Vacations—this gift set is ideal for the girl who finds herself called by the sea. It’s full of Aveda goodies to care for sun exposed-hair and skin (and they are all travel sized to go in her carry on!)


She’s creative and colorful. You never know what color her hair will be when you see her—she’s eager to try out anything that makes her stand out as unique. What she’ll love:

  • A Gift of Vibrant Hair—this gift set will help her keep her fashion colors vibrant and prevent color fading, so she can try em’ all.
  • Gel Manicure—give her the gift of a fun new nail color that will last a full two weeks with zero chipping.

The best part of these gifts? As the best salon in Minneapolis, Scottsdale and Palo Alto, JUUT Salon Spa is your one-stop-shop to get all these and more, so say goodbye to stressful holiday shopping. Stop by and see us to find something for everyone on your list (and maybe a little something for yourself, too). Happy gifting!