It’s Time For Your Facial

March 6, 2014

Over this Winter?  I was never under it.  In it?  Between it?  Whichever preposition suggests that I liked this season at any point…I never was.  Neither was my skin.  This is the coldest winter in 32 years and my skin has had it with the frigid temperatures and dry air.  Weather dictates our lives in Minnesota.  We can’t leave the house in February without a down or wool coat and we probably shouldn’t be using the same moisturizer we were using in July either.  Every season brings it’s own set of challenges.  And every skin type will favor one season over another.

As I mentioned, my normal to dry skin prefers the moist atmosphere of the spring and summer.  There is generally a dewy glow on my cheeks during these months and my breakouts are relatively minimal.  My normal to oily skinned clients prefer the winter to balance out the excess in their pores.  And then there’s spring and fall when both types are transitioning.  Usually, the transition times are fraught with drama and breakouts as the skin tries to adjust to how much oil it should be producing.

Whichever season you and your skin prefer, I  highly recommend getting regular facials.  Facials help to bring equanimity to the skin.  It’s like hitting the reset button.  During the winter facials are often focused on exfoliation and moisture, while summer facials are centered on deep cleansing and detoxification.  You’ll get the best results with monthly or bi-monthly facials, but at least quarterly as the seasons change.  A professional will help you choose which products are best for your skin initially and then work with you to adjust them as needed.

This isn’t Westeros, even if it does feel like winter lasts decades.  Spring is nearly here and the time has come to slough off the months of dry skin to prepare for the season ahead.  So come into Juut to work with an esthetician who can create a healthy skin care program for you.  We look forward working with you!

Christen Hackett is a Senior Esthetician + Waxing Specialist at Juut Salonspa located in Downtown Minneapolis.

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