The Benefit of the Doubt

February 8, 2017

Learning the story behind Daymaking and why owner David Wagner feels so passionately about his company’s culture is impactful to both stylists and clients at Juut.

Kelly Pavek, hair director and senior stylist in the Woodbury Lakes location, says the positivity at Juut has made her aware of how she shows up and interacts not just with guests, but with anybody in her life.

“I treat each person in a way that lifts them up in an understanding way and try to take into account their background and life experiences as well,” she says.

Pavek says a good example of why this understanding is so important recently occurred in the salon.

“The gentleman who delivers and picks up our towels used to be negative when he came to the salon,” she says. “We didn’t’ understand why, but we always reacted positively to him and made light of it.”

Eventually, when he didn’t come into the salon for a while, the staff found out the man was going through chemo treatments for cancer and had been suffering.

“We were patient with him and didn’t snap,” Pavek says. “We rode it out to see what was going on, and are glad we didn’t react negatively back to him. Now that he’s back on the job and feeling better, he has been more positive.”

Source: Kelly Pavek
Source: Kelly Pavek

No human is perfect, and Pavek has found that giving everyone the benefit of the doubt is the best attitude to take, as she says you never know where someone else is coming from or what’s going on in their life.

“I always try to react in a loving, patient way,” she says. “A lot of situations work themselves out, and things come to light to make sense of negativity. There’s a lot that’s out of our control in the world, but if we stick by the message that we need to do our part, we can be that positivity in the midst of negative.

Pavek has also been on the receiving end of the the caring culture of Juut.

“I had a co-worker bring me a lot of hand-me-down baby clothes from her son,” she says. “It was very unexpected, and my son is such a main part of my life, that I really appreciated the thought and gesture.”

While challenges are always guaranteed at work and in life, Pavlek has learned she can turn situations around with her own reactions—an invaluable skill anywhere.