The Client Connection

February 8, 2017

For Leah Patrick, master stylist, connecting with clients is her favorite way to be a Daymaker.

While she has had countless meaningful moments with clients and co-workers in her 11 years at Juut, a couple stand out as true examples of Daymaking.

“I have one guest I met years ago when she came in for a sanctuary cut after being diagnosed with cancer,” she says.

The client has stuck with Patrick for years, but life hasn’t been easy for this particular guest—she has endured two major surgeries in addition to cancer treatment.

“She doesn’t come that often, but she really saves up to come to Juut—it’s part of her splurge and treatment to herself,” Patrick says. “We always do a makeup touch-up on her and give an extra head massage.”

The front desk staff also knows the guest well and everyone gives it their all to make sure her experience is above and beyond every time.

“And it all started with the complimentary service that made her so comfortable during an uncomfortable time,” Patrick says.

Patrick recalls another guest who came to Juut at age 25, after being diagnosed with cancer.

“She didn’t want her head shaved,” she says. “Instead, she wanted to do something her conservative parents always advised against—get a short, funky haircut.

“So we gave her this cut that was so sassy—she loved it,” Patrick says. “She was crying and so were her parents—I was, too!

“Hair can be so empowering for people. It makes them feel unique and special, but also beautiful on the inside. It gives confidence.”

Patrick says the Juut service is not just about getting a haircut and sending guests on their way.

“We give an experience and connection,” she says. “And that takes energy and time.”

In return, Patrick says she receives positive energy back from her guests.

“Or sometimes, if a guest is negative and bringing you down, your co-workers give you positivity and the ability to stay focused,” she says. “And sometimes a person just needs a good head massage!”

But for Patrick, filling her own cup is the key to bringing her clients joy.
“The whole philosophy to being a Daymaker is putting your own air mask on first,” she says. “So you have to find something of value to yourself to bring that positive energy to the salon.”

For some, that’s a vacation, or breaks during the day. For others it’s exercise or a hobby. For Patrick, it’s time with her family.

“I need to spend time at home, cooking in the kitchen, making nutritious food and having family over,” she says. “That’s how I refill my cup so I can give to my guests.”