Wellness Recipe: Sushi

November 15, 2019

By Charlie Wagner, Director of Wellness

Tools needed: Bamboo roller

Seaweed paper
Wasabi (fresh or powdered)
Umeboshi (whole or paste)
Sushi rice
Dried herbs
Sushi grade fish (fresh)

In pressure cooker, start by making your sushi rice. The best ratio I’ve found is 2:1 … 2 parts water to 1-part rice. Cook for 6 minutes once the pressure cooker has been brought up to high pressure and let come down naturally. Your rice will be stunning and perfectly sticky every time.

In a new pan, add ghee and dried herbs and let them blend the flavors by cooking them together for a minute or two. Then add carrots, zucchini and collards until soft. Set up your station with a warm bowl of water (for your fingers). The bamboo roller is a simple rectangular piece of little bamboo sticks to help make it easier to roll your sushi.

I lay my seaweed paper on the bamboo roller on a cutting board and have it close to me. Then I add my rice. I get my fingers wet first and spread the rice easily over all the seaweed paper, just a thin layer. Next I dip my index finger into the umeboshi paste and swipe a line of it at the top paper and then I do the same with wasabi paste one thin line across the top of seaweed paper.

Next I add a small layer of veggies and sprouts and maybe fish. I start to roll it slowly tucking all the veggies into the paper and gently rolling bamboo roller over the veggies. I get a tight little roll and give it a nice squeeze then continue rolling until finished. This sounds more complicated than it is. The great thing is the if it doesn’t work out just wrap it together and make a hand roll and eat it.

It will be fabulous either way!