Hair Extensions 101

January 31, 2024

Whether you’re dreaming of longer hair for your every day look, want added volume for a special occasion, or need fullness due to postpartum hair loss or overall thinning hair, extensions are a great, immediate solution to give you the hair you desire. Still not sure if they’re for you?

We interviewed Master Hair Extension Specialist, Raquel Viara, to give us all the answers to your commonly asked hair extension questions and help you determine if, in fact, hair extensions are for you. The short answer, yes. Yes, they are!

Who can wear hair extensions?

I thought they were just for people who wanted longer hair!

Extensions serve multiple purposes. Whether it’s to address a need, a perceived benefit, or dress you up for an occasion!

A need: This group includes people who are looking for a way to disguise thinning hair or bald patches. Women with alopecia, postpartum hair loss, or thyroid issues can all benefit from wearing hair extensions. 

A perceived benefit: This group includes people who want to add length or volume to their hair or want to change their hairstyle without waiting for it to grow. It can be extremely fun to use hair extensions to get the hair you’ve always dreamed of!

An occasion: This group of people will use hair extensions for events like weddings, prom, Valentine’s Day, or other special occasions. And with the option to use clip-in extensions, people who fall into this group can make as large or small of a commitment as they’d like.

So, you offer temporary hair extensions?

Yes! We offer clip-in extensions which are easy to maintain and fun to apply for special events. This is often a good starting point if you want to get comfortable wearing more hair before committing to the semi-permanent hair extensions.

If not using the temporary hair extensions, how often do I need to have my hair extensions removed / re-applied?

This varies per person (how fast your hair grows, how well you take care of them, etc) and per method (the type of hair extensions you choose). Generally, time between service appointments can be anywhere between six to twelve weeks. The best timing for you and your hair will be determined between you and your stylist.

Are the hair extensions you offer real human hair?

Yes! All of the hair extensions we offer are 100% real human hair.

Can I swim with extensions?

You can swim! To maximize the longevity of your hair extensions, we recommend blowdrying afterward rather than letting your hair air dry. It is also very important to use a chlorine / salt removing shampoo such as Aveda Sun Care and follow up with a moisturizing masque after swimming. You should avoid braiding your hair while swimming as it can shorten the lifespan of the extensions.

Can I color my extensions?

We do our best to color match your hair extensions to give you the look you desire, however, if that desire changes, your hair extensions are able to be colored!

What brand of hair extensions do you offer?

We offer a variety of hair extension applications including tape-in extensions, hand tied wefts and keratin fusion.  Our Extension Specialists will customize the best application for your hair texture and desired look. JUUT currently offers Easi HairAquaCapelli, and Great Lengths hair extensions.

Let’s be real. How much do hair extensions cost?

Hair extensions range quite a bit depending on the amount of hair you need to create your desired look. All JUUT Salonspas offer free consultations. A hair extension specialist will sit down with you, listen to your hair goals, and then make a recommendation complete with a quote.

We have Hair Extension Specialists at every JUUT location. Text us today to schedule your consultation. There’s no purchase required to come in, ask your questions, and get an estimate for the hair of your dreams!

Raquel Viara is a Master Colorist, Stylist, and Hair Extension Specialist at JUUT Salonspa in Scottsdale. With over 14 years of experience and extreme passion, she is out go-to-girl when it comes to all things extensions.