Life Lover, Forever Student, Hobbyist

“I am certain that the love and compassion we have to give originates from self-love. It’s the highest and strongest form of ‘the good stuff.’ I’m spiritual, complex, and a powerhouse of a woman. I want to do it all – get the education I desire, flourish in my career, chase my passions, beat cancer, entertain a dozen hobbies, give back to my community, and still be a ray of sunshine! Loving myself generates a love for life and creates space for transformation, grace, understanding, and gratitude. It propels me to chase after what I love, capture it, and forever improve. This love shines brighter than the self-doubt, insecurities, and disintegrates the effect of society telling us what beauty is supposed to look like.”

Makeup: Madysen Heil  (@maddieleighmakeup)