Family Fierce, Caring Chef, Passionate Pal

“I am fiercely passionate about my family friends and craft. I am uncompromising in the ingredients I use, the people I surround myself with and my love for my family. My life is a constant quest to do what I do, purposefully, without looking back. I am not afraid of hard work, challenges or set backs and often welcome the adventure of all three! My loyalty, perseverance, authenticity and above all, generosity in both spirit and deed are the goal and sustenance of my life.   Blessed to be born in Casablanca to incredible parents, surrounded by 16 siblings and a dinner table where food and conversation were constantly in competition. Gaining experience as a chef in many countries around the globe, these experiences played vital roles in my perspective of the importance of good food and good conversation. I’ve discovered that great food does not live in a vacuum; it requires integrity, generosity and community.”

Cut & Style: Anthony Lickteig (@hildman)

Makeup: Madysen Heil  (@maddieleighmakeup)