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“I started telling stories in 4th grade when I was pulled out of class to work with a speech therapist (I had a lisp I was unaware of). Speech therapy required lots of talking, mostly in answer to the question, “What did you do this weekend?” Since my elementary school years were pretty boring: lots of TV watching, goofing off with friends, and not-homework-doing, I didn’t have much to report, so I started making stuff up. It was fun, and I liked the reactions I got from my therapist…who knew I was full of it. Those stories translated into excelling at essays in junior high and high school, and nods from my teachers that I had a knack for the written word. I didn’t really care about writing, though, because I was going to be a professional dancer. But, at seventeen, I got pregnant. Pivot! After tanking at the U of M, (it was tough juggling a baby, college, and several part-time jobs) I decided I’d try that writing thing, and wormed my way into a copywriting gig. It was the perfect fit for a 70’s kid who grew up on heavy doses of advertising. 25 years later, I’m still doing it, loving it, and have added blog writing, colorful social post writing, and a half-finished memoir, (mostly about sobriety) to the mix. I also added a couple more kids and a couple more husbands…at different times. It’s gonna be a good book.”

Cut & Style: Joshua Mayhugh (@joshuamayhugh)

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