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Helping clients grow their hair out long while maintaining a healthy shine is a pretty typical job for many stylists. But usually, those clients are female. Rae Knudson, senior stylist, has a 64-year-old client who has been coming to see her for the last two years with the goal of growing his hair out to achieve a “biker guy” look. “He’s engaged and wanted this look for his wedding,” Knudson says. “But after a year of growing it out, he comes in and tells me he has leukemia and wants to shave all his hair off before chemo.” But…
A few years ago, Patty Naegele, master stylist and educator, was asked to speak at Aveda Congress about what it’s like to be on the other side of Daymaking. “I was a recent cancer survivor, so I talked about how impactful it was to receive that love and care from my co-workers,” she says. Recently, she had the opportunity to give a client that same treatment when she got a call from a friend one evening asking her to help another friend going through chemo. “This young woman was only 20 and she and her boyfriend attempted to shave…
Learning the story behind Daymaking and why owner David Wagner feels so passionately about his company’s culture is impactful to both stylists and clients at Juut. Kelly Pavek, hair director and senior stylist in the Woodbury Lakes location, says the positivity at Juut has made her aware of how she shows up and interacts not just with guests, but with anybody in her life. “I treat each person in a way that lifts them up in an understanding way and try to take into account their background and life experiences as well,” she says. Pavek says a good example…
Jen Gackle, master esthetician and massage therapist, puts no parameters on Daymaking. Whether she’s in the salon, at home, or out and about, being a Daymaker is who she is—not just a part of her work life. “The people who work at Juut are there because it comes from their souls,” she says. “We live and breathe it, so it becomes a part of you.” In the six years she has worked at Juut, Gackle has made many Daymaking memories with clients and co-workers that she cherishes. But she says it’s the consciousness of knowing and participating as a…
Heather Dietiker, master stylist, has shaved clients’ heads three different times in her almost 10 years at Juut.  “I do it after they get a cancer diagnosis,” she says. “And a few years later when I get them back for their first haircut, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world—every time.” Dietiker herself had skin cancer, and while she says she has no comparison for what some of her clients have gone through, she has received that dreaded phone call. “They need someone strong who can empathize with their situation,” she says. “I pull up as much strength…
Stephanie Domrose, master stylist and makeup artist in Juut’s Wayzata location, has a client who comes in every six months for a haircut. The cut is basic and simple for Domrose to execute, and the guest has been wearing the same style for years. Recently, Domrose shared some of her personal ambitions to be a life coach and empower women through beauty with her client. “Her response was shocking to me,” Domrose says. “She told me the hour-long conversations we had every six months had changed her life.” It started with a book recommendation and sharing experiences from her…
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