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GLASS NOODLES By Charlie Wagner, Director of Wellness Tools needed: 1 or 2 sauté pans (I prefer to use 2) Ingredients: Mung bean noodles (glass noodles; one bunch per person) 1/8 c cooking sake 1/8 c white wine up to 3T coconut aminos, braggs or soy sauce (this measurement is for 4 bunches of mung bean noodles) 2-3T mirin 2T sesame oil or sunflower oil 3T grated ginger egg (one per person) tofu (cut & press to get all liquid out – optional) 1/2 t salt pepper to taste 1/2 c to 1 c squash (bite size pieces; not…
JAPANESE DASHI SOUP by Charlie Wagner, Director of Wellness (You can make this a fish or vegetarian soup.) Tools needed: Pressure cooker, instant-pot or a pan. Ingredients: 6 cups water 1/2 bag of kombu seaweed 1/2 bag bonito flakes mushrooms (optional) 2 bunches mung bean noodles 1 cup squash in 1/2 inch cubes (kabocha/butternut/acorn) greens (collards, broccoli – add as little or much as you like) small piece of fish / tofu (4 ounces per person) 2-3 Tbsp white miso Dashi broth: First add your water to the pan and top with kombu seaweed and bonito flakes. Cook for…
Ghee is an ancient and sattvic food, highly recommended in Ayurveda for its nourishing qualities and ability to bring the nutrients of food and herbs deeper into your tissues. It is ideal for cooking (it does not burn unless heated excessively) and for medicinal purposes. Ghee is tri-doshic, meaning it is healing for all doshas (though people with excess kapha should use small amounts) and is not congestive like butter. We love ghee for its taste – it has a rich taste, like a cousin of butter and its balancing qualities. For a full tutorial on how easy it…
Authenticity is the name of the spring trend game! With the arrival of a new season this week, we are showcasing our favorite colors, trends, and styles to enhance your individuality and real beauty. Women’s Hair • by Emily Dove, Master Stylist Boost up the volume any way you can and allow your natural texture to be exactly what it wants to be. Bad hair day? No problem. Keep it that way. Less is more! We want to see YOUR natural beauty shine through this spring and summer. Give that next day beach wave a little touch up with Aveda…
It’s time to rethink your smoothie habit. You know that cold, blended fruit and veggie drink that you’ve been told is a healthful meal? Be honest: How do you really feel after you have one? On the surface, smoothies appear healthful. Fruit is filled with vitamins and fiber. Protein powders have a long list of nutrients. Nut butters are filled with good oils. Yogurt, coconut oil, cacao, maca — what else do you toss in your blender? Taken individually, the ingredients in a smoothie seem to have all that your body needs to function. But Ayurveda asks you to…
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